Self-Publish My Novel: Vol 1

I self-published my first novel over three decades ago. I had an excellent story, a college-ruled notebook, a blue ink pen, and a trusty stapler. Thus The Adventures of Kitty Bob: Alien Warlord Cat, plus a slew of sequels, was born. I even did the illustrations, cover art and interior formatting myself!

Although a skills aptitude test once told me that I had zero entrepreneurial skills (seriously – I scored a 3 out of 100!), the seeds planted all those years ago in the fourth grade have finally taken root. I’m about to self-publish and market a new young adult novel.

There are lots of great resources for self-publishing available online (and lots of scams). There’s so much good information that it is overwhelming at times! I spent months (years, really) confused about what and how I wanted to publish. I took a huge leap forward when I realized that there were many paths to self-publish successfully; I just needed to pick one.

So this self-publishing blog series will describe the path I’m taking. While I’ll talk about my decision to self-publish, as well as the writing and editing process in upcoming posts, I will focus primarily on the steps I’m taking from this point forward. I have an excellent (and excellently edited) manuscript. Now I need to bring it into the world.

I hope you enjoy the ride! 

What about you? Have you self-published a novel? What steps did you take? What worked? What would you do differently next time?



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