Are you a writer conducting research for a novel? A student writing a paper? A lifelong learner who is pursuing a new interest? A human being with a question about…pretty much anything?

In addition to being a writer, I’m also a librarian with over fifteen years of experience. I’m an expert in how information is created, produced, shared and accessed. I can help you find information on just about anything. As a cataloging professor of mine once said, “Librarians can help you find where the bastards hid the stuff.”

So. Let me help you find where the bastards hid the stuff. Use the contact form below to send me a summary of your research question or issue. I will respond with a free, one page consultation about your next steps. While I do not conduct the research for you (you’ll want to pay a research assistant to do that if you aren’t doing it yourself), I will give you a detailed strategy for research that will save you time. Get in touch today!

I reserve the right to refuse any research request for any reason.

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