Girls Survive

The Girls Survive series engages readers in pivotal historical events through the eyes of intrepid heroines who overcome enormous odds in the face of great challenges. There are twelve (and counting!) titles in the series.

                                                          In Leah Braves the Flood: A Great Molasses Flood Survival Story, Leah strides home for lunch, arguing with her best friend, Francesca. Suddenly, the ground rumbles once, then once again. Leah looks up in time to see an enormous tank of molasses exploding sending a deadly wave right at her. Can she get to safety? And what’s going to happen to everyone else caught in the path of the deadly flood?


In Daisy and the Deadly Flu: A 1918 Influenza Survival Story, a dangerous flu is making its way around the world, marching closer and closer to Daisy’s small Minnesota town. As tragedy strikes, can Daisy save those she loves? Although the book was written before the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are many parallels to Daisy’s time and the lessons she learns.                                             

In Lucy Fights the Flames: A Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Survival Story, Lucy looks forward to the end of the workday in the noisy factory. She wishes she could go to school but her family needs money. Just as the loud sewing machines come to a halt, a deadly fire breaks out in the crowded room. As flames rip through the building, trapping workers, can Lucy save herself and her best friend?

Movements and Resistance

Did you know that the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire led to massive and significant reforms to how we work? I also wrote a graphic nonfiction book about the fire and its lasting impact.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of union women and men organizing for workers’ rights, we have laws that keep us safe at work, including fire alarms, fire drills, and safe fire escapes. These laws also make sure children aren’t forced to work at a young age.

These laws even impact us at school! The next time there’s a fire drill, you can thank the women of the Labor Movement for helping to keep you safe.

Dark Waters

The Dark Waters series follows the adventures of fourteen-year-old India Finch, half-mermaid, half-human, as she navigates friendships, family, and risky adventures on land and in the sea. The novels can be read in any order.

Short Fiction

I’ve also published several flash fiction pieces in various places. Here’s the list, along with links to the stories (where available) themselves.

Colorblind, published in Potluck: Creative Works by Minnesota’s Library Workers, an open access publication highlighting the (super cool) Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project

Blue Christmas, a freebie I published on my blog as a holiday treat for readers in December 2016. A “treat” especially if you like dark, creepy holiday tales.

Kerosene, published by Black Heart Magazine, June 2015. Read about its inspiration here.

The Imp and the Fairy, published in Speculative Valentine Drabbles 2015, February 2015.

Troubled Joy (reprinted on my blog) first published by Ealain, February 2015. Read the origins story.

Game Changer (reprinted on my blog), published by East Coast Literary Review, Winter 2015. The back story is here.

Christmas Wreath (reprinted on my blog), published by MicroHorror, November 2014.  Read the back story here.

Thanksgiving, published by The Were-Traveler, October 2014.  More about the story at this blog post.

Home for the Holidays, published by Foliate Oak, May 2014.  This blog post discussed the origins of the story.

I also won a first place prize in the “1,000 Prompts, 1,000 Dollars” Writing Contest sponsored by Build Creative Writing Ideas for my story snippet, “The Reluctant Vampire,” which appeared on my blog in December, 2013.

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