photo credit: Sarah Byrnes,

Although Julie Gilbert’s masterpiece, The Adventures of Kitty Bob: Alien Warlord Cat, has sadly been out of print since Julie last stapled it together in the fourth grade, she continues to write.

Julie is the author of Cemetery Songs, a young adult novel about adoption, identity and the ghosts of the past. She has written several books for Capstone/Stone Arch Books, including the Dark Waters series and several titles in the Girls Survive series. Her novels consider themes of identity and belonging, along with a healthy dose of fantasy and magic. Her short fiction, which has appeared in numerous publications, explores topics ranging from airport security lines to adoption to antique wreaths made of hair. She is especially committed to diversity in her writing.

Julie is also a librarian. She loves working in libraries because she learns something new every day. Although she has also published extensively in the field of library science, her scholarship tends to have fewer plot twists and interesting characters than her novels and short stories.

Julie lives in Minnesota with her family.


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